Project Facts

Full title: Moldova towards EU regional and cross-border development

Acronym: REGDEV

Project Start: 1 September 2013

Duration: 36Months

Beneficiary: Centre for Studies in European Integration. Academy of Economic Studies of

                         Moldova (CSEI.ASEM)

The REGDEV has an innovative character because the proposal is dealing with the specific theme on Regional development of Moldova within European Neighbourhood Policy that previously was not covered by the Jean Monnet programme in Moldova and which in the context of changing and emerging demands of a knowledge-based society is relatively a novel area of policy process and content.

Overall objectives:

  • To contribute to economic integration of Moldova into EU space through its regional and cross border cooperation development in the framework of the European Neighborhood Policy.
  • To contribute to the development of quality teaching, innovative research and human resources in the field of EU and regional development in the Moldovan higher education landscape in cooperation with students, academics, civic society and local governments.
  • To contribute to lifelong learning by establishing a network of young and distinguished scholars working on research related to the European Union integration process.

Specific objectives:

  • To stimulate knowledge of EU economic integration of Moldova in the framework of the European Neighborhood Policy through teaching of university courses within Bachelor and Master study programmes in accordance with the EU standards.
  • To prepare the new generation of specialist in EU Regional studies through educating students of 2nd level (Master) by designing and delivering of new course and through capacity building of representatives of civil society and civil servants from rural areas in the field of EU regional development by realizing professional training courses and facilitating policy debates.
  • To integrate students who are not automatically come into contact with EU integration studies and to increase their understanding of the integration process of Moldova into EU space within European Neighborhood Policy by realizing an interuniversity training courses.
  • To enhance visibility of scientific resources and results in the field of European integration and regional development policies on regional, national and international levels by realising of the inclusive approach of the Conference’s sessions and PhD Seminars.
  • To disseminate tailor-made information about European integration to a wider public in Moldova, with focus on regional and local levels, by involving of national and local mass-media in the REGDEV`s issues.

Target groups:

  • University students;
  • Academic staff of the universities;
  • Representatives of youth organisations;
  • Members of the administration and organs of local and regional self-government communities;
  • Young researchers;
  • Representatives of NGOs;
  • Professional groups;
  • Legal practitioners;
  • Experts for specific topics in the Project agenda;
  • Members of governmental bodies related to EU regional and cross-border development;
  • Journalists;
  • The wider public.



Centre for Studies in European Integration

Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova

Phone: +373 22 402834

Website: www.csei.ase.md


Olesea Sirbu - REGDEV academic coordinator

E-mail: oleseasarbu@gmail.com

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Olesea SÎRBU

Executive Director

Centre for European Integration Studies

Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova

59 Banulescu-Bodoni str., Building B, room 702

MD-2005 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Centre for European Integration Studies

Tel/Fax: +373-22-402-834

Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova