Roundtable „Regional and cross-border development of Moldova in the framework of European Neighbourhood Policy”

In the framework of the project "Moldova towards EU regional and cross-border development", was held the Roundtable (RT) on the topic “Regional and cross-border development of Moldova in the framework of European Neighbourhood Policy” (ENP). The Roundtable took place on 13-14 March 2015 at the Conference hall of the Jazz Hotel (Chisinau).


Objectives of the Roundtable are:


  • To create more favorable all-sided conditions for more effective cross-border cooperation along the EU Eastern external border in the future;
  • To consider political and legal aspects of cross-border cooperation along the EU eastern external border;
  • To analyze the in so far achievements and problems in developing different programmes and modes of cross-border cooperation in particular countries and regions respectively;
  • To identify pre-conditions and obstacles for successful cross-border cooperation;
  • To elaborate proposals and recommendations for the particular country’s government, local and regional authorities involved the institutions of the cross-border cooperation where they have been established and for the competent EU structure.


The program of the Roundtable(pdf).


During 2-days intense and interesting discussion, the participants stressed that cross-border cooperation is without any doubt currently the most important instrument for fostering cooperation between the EU and partner countries on a sub-state, local and regional level. It is also a vital element for creation of a “wider common space” in Europe which represents an important factor of stability and security in this part of the world. Many positive examples of successful cross-border initiatives and programmes were presented. Pre-conditions for elaboration of a successful cross-border project were discussed in detail.


The participants welcomed the progress made in the EU instruments in a way that they offer a common programme and financial framework for EU and non-EU partners in development of common cross-border projects. The participants, however, could not but expose many weaknesses of the policies, instruments and practices of cross-border cooperation forms, which all pose serious threat to successfulness of this kind of cooperation. Exposed were the weaknesses in the functioning of the local and regional democracy in the partner countries, where the central level interferes with the competencies of local and regional actors to engage in cross-border activities. Additional to that some participants drew attention from their own experiences to the serious deficiencies in the functioning of the EU ENPI CBC management structures, where there have been cases reported of breach of proclaimed rules and procedures in approving of the projects.


At the end of the Roundtable the participants involved very actively into the discussion about the proposals and recommendations for the improvement of the situation. After thorough exchange of views and adjustments of opinions they adopted the concluding document, called the “Recommendation on EU – Romania, Moldova and Ukraine Cross-Border Cooperation Improvements”, which embraces recommendations for a) EU organs and agencies only, b) EU organs and agencies and governments of partner countries, c) governments of partner countries only.


 The text of Recommendations: (pdf).


The Roundtable was attended by 58 participants (including 10 non-local speakers) representatives of local and regional communities, other relevant bodies dealing with cross-border cooperation and regional development, experts, university lecturers, legal practitioners. Invited to attend and collaborate in the discussions were also students from Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, Chisinau from PhD studies.


Working languages of the Roundtable were: Romanian and Russian languages with simultaneous translation in English.

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